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The future home of how to trash meks from the comfort of your computer chair using MegaMek.

How to setup Megamek:

  1. Download Megamek (The stable version: Version 0.34.10)
  2. Set up Port Forwarding on your router for port 2346 to your internal IP address (command line “ipconfig” or your router should tell you this)
  3. Run Megamek.exe
  4. For now create a unit worth ~4500 (4300-4700) Battle Value, 4 mechs, no vehicles, 3025 designs only for now (No double heat sinks, No ER/Pulse/Streak/Ultra stuff ,etc), custom designs are OK (Solaris Skunkworks files can be imported in some fashion, I will look into that, but they can actually be created in a text editor by looking at the mechs already there, just verify them in Skunkworks)
  5. I’ll email you my IP address so you can connect to a game on my computer.
  6. Right now we will just fight for fun (games take a LOT less time) but I will work out some kind of system for rewards. Probably higher tech access (but still have to pay the Battle Value for it)
  7. I’m vaguely familiar with Mekwars (a campaign system for Megamek, but it’s a pain in the rear to configure in my past attempts, so for now think of it as a future possibility, though check out some of the campaigns already running at Mekwars.org

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